This Bittano signature dress has become one of our number one seller in the last two years! Customers are always coming back for more, and why shouldn't they! the style of this dress is so simple and classy, which makes it an all year round trend and basically never goes out of style (that's what classics do).
The detail and cut of this dress is brilliant. Lets start of with the top half, it's a perfect fit around the waist line and bust. By emphasizing the waist and then effortlessly puffing out from there and under creating a nice shape to your body
As for the rest of the dress, well lets start off by saying "IT HAS POCKETS!!!" which makes this dress a 110% in our books. It's "puff" is unique, where it hides or makes the perfect shape for you. With no hemline, this dress is double lined!
And last but not least COLORS! we've had it in so many colors we'd need your finger to count with us, from a luminous blue and a denim to orange and a Selena Gomez signature Red, you name it! And since we've entered our glorious Fall Season we're rocking the racks with not just two new colors but a new fabric as well, Suede. In a Cherry Red and Black, also a satin White, Nude, Plum and a beautiful floral Navy
So there you have it, one of our favs!.
And as always, when you shop Bittano you be Bittabulous 


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