Besides us being that trendy woman's boutique you know, or may pass on a daily basis or even show up on your IG feed, we've actually been running shop since 1986!! YEEES 1986 (wish we could CAP numbers haha), we've been around ever since our way of social posting was sending post cards through the mail box just as the milkman pulled up at your door (uuugh the good old days). So what has kept a one store woman's apparel boutique going for so long you may ask, well it's simple, Our LOVE for Fashion! 

Here at Bittano we don't just sell you an item and see you on your way, We help you with what you're looking for,  what are your likes and dislikes, what works best with your body shape and help you to complete the whole outfit from earrings all the way down to your toes, we even get to know each other on a first name basis. 
An advantage of being a one store for us as well as our customers is everything you see is what you get, either in store or online, you never miss out on any item. All our photos for both social media and our website are taking right here in the store (or maybe the back ally of the store . . . well honestly it just has the coolest of backgrounds)

so this gives us a chance to see the merchandise on our models, how it fits and how to dress it with other items to create a complete look, which helps us help the customers more and gives them a wider view on what they are purchasing, some may even call us "Personal stylist" (We like the sound of that).
Our locations is another main factor! being basically just across from SMU, and not too far off from both Hillcrest High School and Highland Park High School we know a lot about what goes on in terms of events, dances or activities, what is worn for each occasion , dress codes, color themes, etc.

Therefor this helps us to prepare in advance, ordering those prefect homecoming dresses, rush white rompers or maybe game day outfits to best help our customers.

So there you have it, a little bit about us and what has kept us going, how we love what we do and how our clienteles are more than just customers to us.


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